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Stress Relief for the 21st Century

When you listen to Instant Relaxation™ you will immediately:

  • Restore calm and tranquility to your life

  • Renew your peace of mind

  • Feel more relaxed and in control of life's events

  • Ease and melt away your tension

  • Feel more emotionally composed and calmer

  • Live a more relaxed and happier life

Master stress today with Instant Relaxation™

Safe enough to use everyday Instant Relaxation™ utilizes the most powerful brain-based technologies available today. This profoundly powerful audio recording, utilizes state-of-the-art Binaural Beat Technology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Subliminal Affirmations to effortlessly dissolve your stress away.

Instant Relaxation™ utilizes technologies that make it more effective than any seminar, relaxation CD or hypnosis program. This tool will effortlessly melt away your stress, after only 14 minutes of use—guaranteed!

We are so confident of this fact that we will let you try Instant Relaxation™ free for 4 days. We won't even ask for yout credit card.

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Dear Friend,

How would you like to Feel More Relaxed and In Control of Your Life Today?

How would you like to take life's challenges in your stride – feeling calm and composed all the time as you become more successful in everything you do? Well read on, because today I'm going to reveal a new brain technology that effortlessly eliminates your stress and anxiety in as little as 14 minutes.

Destin LucasMy name is Destin Lucas, and I have been involved in personal development and mind science for the past 14 years.

Today I'd Like to Tell You about a Remarkable
Relaxation Product I Almost Didn't
Release to the Public.

You see, for many years I've been utilizing a remarkable audio technology called Binaural Beats to soothe away my stress. I must admit it works like nothing else I've tried before — and, being into personal development, I've tried them all!

One day I decided I was going to create the ultimate relaxation product for myself. But I wanted to go beyond what had been achieved using Binaural Beats alone.

I really wanted to create something that would make my stress just melt away quickly. I wasn't interested in products that take a day or even an hour to use, or some visualization technique, which I really don't want to use if I'm feeling stressed! I wanted something quick and easy to use — something that would produce fast results! I'm sure you feel the same way too, don't you?

So I combined the best personal development relaxation techniques I'd encountered in my 14 years of study. Techniques that I'd never seen used together in the same product ever before — I called my new ultimate relaxation product Instant Relaxation™.

I Must Tell You Instant Relaxation is More Effective
Than I had Ever Anticipated

People kept telling me that they had never experienced anything like it before. No stress relief product they had ever tried could compare. For instance, Ashley Loures wrote from Ohio, USA, saying,

" After listening, I felt more relaxed then ever before. My muscles felt soothed and healed and my mind was clear and refreshed — ready to take on the rest of the day.

It was like I had just woke up from a good night sleep. The best part is, it only took 14 minutes of my time! "

Personally, I experience similar results every time I listen to Instant Relaxation™ — it makes all my stress melt away — and I feel years younger! And I know you will experience similar results when you use it too.

The question is, why does Instant Relaxation™ work?

Instant Relaxation™ Acts Essentially as an Emotional
Reset Switch, Releasing All of Your Pent Up
Emotional Tension and Anxiety.

It utilizes powerful sound frequencies called Binaural Beats to promote Complete Physical Relaxation, Pain Relief, and Natural Healing.

Stress tends to build up in your mind and body over a period of time — so your stress from yesterday flows into today's stresses, which flow into tomorrow's stresses — eventually snowballing completely out of control!

Over time the inevitable pile-up of stress causes many real physical problems like headaches, migraines, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, weight gain, heart disease, high blood pressure, and muscular pain.

Instant Relaxation™ quickly resets your mind and emotions — dissolving away stresses that could develop into serious life-shortening illnesses.


So What Does it Feel Like Listening
to Instant Relaxation™?

Mind blowing! Amazing. Really, when you put on this recording you will feel swiftly and completely relaxed and calm, more relaxed than you've felt in years.

Its effect could be compared to falling into a deep, deep, restful and relaxing sleep. Sometimes you are awake, sometimes you completely doze off, and then you awake refreshed as if you have had a couple of hours, of deeply rejuvenating and invigorating rest. Mmmmm... it feels great!

Start Your Free Trial Now.

Why is Instant Relaxation™ so effective?

Instant Relaxation™ was created using sophisticated digital mastering software, professional studio equipment, and state of the art signal generators.

Further several different "Hi-Tech" self-help techniques are combined in the product.

We will now go into each of the powerful technologies included in Instant Relaxation™. Some of this is a little technical, so you can skip it over it you're not technically inclinded:

  • Binaural Beats — A type of audio technology that works as follows:

    Binaural Beats

    If a tone of, say, 500Hz is played in your left ear and a tone of 510Hz is played in your right ear, your brain becomes confused as it cannot process the two different sounds.

    Therefore your brain processes the sounds by creating a new third sound which the difference between the two tones, i.e.,

    Left ear 500Hz - right ear 510Hz

    Third sound in your head =10Hz

    This third sound sounds like a gentle beating sound in your head. That's why it's called a Binaural Beat.

    But here's where it gets really exciting. Not only do you hear a 10Hz beat in your head, but your entire brain actually begins to resonate at 10Hz, or what is known as an Alpha Brainwave state.

    With Binaural Beats any Natural Brainwave State
    can be Recreated.

    What's more, Binaural Beats actually balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain. This leads to increased communication between the two hemispheres, leading to increased intuition, intelligence, creativity, and mental well-being.

    What's even more exciting, is that brainwave states have been linked to core brain functions
    . This means that striking mental abilities can be awakened, just by stimulating the correct brainwave frequency.

    Now you know why I've been using Binaural Beats for so many years. And, yes, they have definitely increased my intelligence, creativity, and intuition -  especially when it comes to understanding complex tasks or situations, or recognizing sophisticated underlying patterns, or coming up with new original ideas.

    I must mention, though, that this ability developed over a period of time with daily use.

    Let me now tell you, which Binaural Beat effects, I put in this recording. Remember, I made this recording for myself, so I spared nothing

  • The following effects tend to be caused by the Binaural Beat frequencies used in this recording:

    Stress Relief

    • Complete Physical Relaxation

    • Pain Relief and Natural Healing

    • Clarity of Thought

    • Memory Enhancement

    • Enhanced Intelligence and Higher Rational Thinking

    • Release of Positive Hormones with the following positive benefits: 

      • Protection against aging — Reduces amount of Cortisol, a hormone associated with stress and aging. Increases the levels of anti-aging DHEA and Melatonin. Pituitary stimulation  releases growth hormone, for increased longevity.

      • Positive feelings — Increases release of Endogenous Opiates, a family of chemicals like Endorphins, Ekephalins, and Dynorphins. These natural brain chemicals create a sense of positive well-being while serving as natural painkillers.

      • Mood balancing — Increases in levels of Serotonin, a chemical in the brain that helps regulate moods. 

  • Mental State Symphony Concert - I didn't want to just put together a bunch of brain frequencies without considering the process of relaxation. So I used my musical composition experience to create a sort of Mental State Symphony Concert.

    Just like in a musical symphony concert, you move from experience to experience, so with
    Instant Relaxation™, you move from profound mental state to profound mental state, traveling on a journey of increased mental well-being and relaxation.

  • Subliminal Messaging using Stereo Confusion — Stereo Confusion is one of the most powerful subliminal techniques in existence. Essentially, you listen to a recording using stereo headphones. In your left ear one message is played and in your right ear a different message is played.

    Your brain cannot consciously listen to both messages simultaneously, so one of the messages is processed by your subconscious. Your subconscious then acts on the message — producing profound life changes.

    Freaky, confusing, but man, it works!
  • VK Dissociation — This is an NLP technique that has gained wide acceptance in mainstream psychological research. The specific technique used is a variation of VK Dissociation called the New Behavior Generator.

    The New Behavior Generator is used to train the conscious and subconscious minds to take on a new behavior. The specific behavior that is conditioned is the habit of calmness — day-to-day stress reactions are subconsciously reduced, making you feel more centered and relaxed.

    I tended to be too highly strung — I had to get myself to take life more easily.

  • Accelerated Learning Rhythmic Phrasing — Accelerated Learning is remarkable approach to learning derived from the breakthrough work of Georgi Lozanov. Accelerated Learning has been used to teach two years of math and science, to a group of underprivileged children, in only two weeks!

    Rhythmic Phrasing is an Accelerated Learning Technique which rhythmically times the presentation of subliminal messages, in synchrony with the natural learning rhythm, of your subconscious mind. This ensures that the subliminal suggestions get maximally absorbed.

    In my opinion, any technique that can teach two years of math and science to a bunch of underprivileged, kids in only two weeks, has to have some value, in teaching you to be more relaxed. You'd agree, wouldn't you?

  • Accelerated Learning Activation - Activation is what occurs when you experience an "AHA!" moment. When activation occurs, your conscious and subconscious brain circuits connect. This connection results in a more profound and deeper understanding of a topic.

    To encourage activation, the subliminal suggestions embedded in
    Instant Relaxation™ are provided for you to read through consciously. By reading through these suggestions — after listening to the recording — activation occurs. You will now profoundly understand the suggestions, both consciously and subconsciously, thus  transforming your stress responses.

    It's amazing how activation works, every time I experience it I'm blown away!

Wait, there’s more…

Since I believe so strongly in the power of this remarkable technology, and want to make sure you can fully benefit from it, I’m going to give you FOUR FREE BONUSES with Instant Relaxation™.

Power Bonus 1:

Anxiety Reliever™ — MP3 Audio
($35 Value)

Anxiety RelieverMany people don't realize that there is difference between stress and anxiety. Stress is when external circumstances push us beyond our ability to cope. This causes the body to release a range of stress hormones such as cortisol, which can have long-term damaging effects on the body.

Anxiety is when we are afraid that something bad or negative will happen. This fear often isn't rational, and can drive us crazy with frustration and concern. What's worse, the more we try and stop this feeling, the worse it seems to get, especially if something important is at risk.

That's why we created a tool that specifically targets feelings of anxiety, fear, and worry.

All you do is put on the recording and you'll feel your anxiety melt away. As if that's not enough, I decided to take it one step further, by including Binaural Beats that enhance intelligence. This helps you, not only to feel better, but also to be more capable of solving the problem that is causing the anxiety in the first place.

Start Your Free Trial Now.

Power Bonus 2

Reduce your Stress and Start Living Today! — e-book ($27 Value)

Reduce your Stress eBookThis comprehensive manual will help you identify and eliminate the causes of stress in your life. It is one thing to have a tool that helps you cope with stress, quite another to create a life free of stress.

Though it is true that you will never completely eliminate all stress from your life, hence the need for a tool such as Instant Relaxation™, it is also true that opportunities for stress can be greatly reduced.

This manual will help you to do just that. Further, it contains numerous stress relief tips and tricks — many more than I could mention here.

This is the perfect complement to the most powerful stress relief tool on Earth.

Start Your Free Trial Now.

Power Bonus 3

How to Deal with Challenging Emotions — 2 Part Downloadable Video Series
($47 Value)

Dealing with Emotional DistressI originally created this set of videos for one of my elite personal development programs. Research indicates that negative emotions are one of the greatest impediments to success. That's why a person's life often moves to the next level when they get rid of their emotional blocks.

These emotional-block elimination techniques are very powerful — in fact it took me more than 10 years to research and develop them. They combine a number of disciplines, including NLP, Synergetics, and Energy Psychology — but they are easy to use. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and tap on various pressure points on your body.

It is incredible how much better you feel when you eliminate deep-seated emotional blocks from your life. It is like having a heavy burden that you didn't even know you were carrying permanently lifted from your shoulders.

You will never feel the same once you have applied the techniques in these videos to your life.

Start Your Free Trial Now.

Power Bonus 4

Work Stress Relief with UltraDrive™ — MP3 Audio
($47 Value)

UltraDriveAs I mentioned earlier Binaural Beats drastically enhanced my intelligence, creativity, and intuition, and gave me the ability to quickly and easily understand complex patterns, situations, and problems.

Well UltraDrive™ is the specific Binaural Beat recording I used to develop this ability. I originally created UltraDrive™ with the sole purpose of enhancing my intelligence and mental powers, by creating a recording that would awaken and integrate all major brain functions simultaneously, that would include the Left Hemisphere, the Right Hemisphere, the Cerebral Cortex, the Emotional Brain, and the Primal Brain.

The end result was astounding, as with continuous use UltraDrive™ helped me develop intelligence and wisdom beyond my wildest dreams! I believe the reason for this is that all parts of our brain are actually intended to work together simultaneously, but imperfect education, together with emotional blocks, impede this functioning, making us less intelligent than we ought to be.

So what does all this have to do with work stress?

Well I also use UltraDrive™ at the office to help me concentrate, and to relieve tension. UltraDrive™ has the amazing ability to make you feel calm when those everyday work stresses happen: a customer who is unreasonable, or an intense deadline that needs your undivided attention. And because it enhances your intelligence, it actually makes you more productive and quicker in your thinking — moving you beyond your previous personal bests to new levels of ingenuity and innovation.

This is another perfect complement to Instant Relaxation™

Start Your Free Trial Now.

There's No Comparison.

Instant Relaxation™
is the most potent stress relief tool available today. At only $49.95 it is a bargain as it utilizes relaxation technologies, that even products costing 5 times as much don't contain. If you were to create Instant Relaxation for yourself it would cost you over $50 000!

We're so confident that Instant Relaxation™ will eliminate your stress that we'll let you test-drive it free for 4 days! And we won't even ask for your credit card details up front, because we know that once you've tried Instant Relaxation™ you'll be begging us to let you have your own copy.

You've got nothing to lose except yoru stress and anxiety! Check it out now!

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I have tried a lot of relaxation products and techniques. Your Instant Relaxation recording is far and away the best I have ever encountered.

After listening, I felt more relaxed then ever before. My muscles felt soothed and healed and my mind was clear and refreshed - ready to take on the rest of the day.

It was like I had just woke up from a good night sleep. The best part is, it only took 14 minutes of my time!

I would tell people, if you want to feel more rejuvinated, more alive, and less stressed, you need to get a copy of this recording right away!"

Ashley Loures
Ohio, USA


Let the author of this book help you release your stress and anxiety today. Free trial.

Inner Secrets Book
Destin Lucas
Master NLP Practitioner
Author of: The Inner Secrets of Greatness.

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After listening to Instant Relaxation I had a full nights sleep and woke up feeling refreshed and very able to handle the pressure at work.

I find myself drinking more water at work and less coffee, from someone who has been drinking about 6 cups of coffee a day.

I have found that I have been less tense at work and am finding it easier to cope with the pressurized claims environment I work in.

I am finding that I am more pleasant to the people I work with and also finding solutions to coping with problems that had been irritating me for a long time.

Not only has Instant Relaxation been affecting my work environment but also my home life. As I am less stressed, I am more able to concentrate on spending quality time with my son at home.

Should you want a more relaxed attitude and the ability to cope with the extremely pressurized and competitive working world as well as the pressure of handling the constant demands in your home environment — Instant Relaxation is definitely a good product to invest in.

You will wonder how you managed without it.

Debbie Diplock
Johannesburg, South Africa

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