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For many years people have used relaxation tapes to help them overcome stress and to feel more calm and serene. Tapes have now been superseded by advanced MP3 audio technology. Dawning Truth has created a particularly advanced relaxation MP3 that combines state-of-the-art subliminal messages, hypnosis, rhythmic phrasing, and Binaural Beats – and the effect of combining all these relaxation technologies is truly astounding.

Instant Relaxation™ is a breakthrough product that was created using high-tech digital mastering software, state-of-the-art audio signal generators, and professional digital studio equipment. This advanced equipment was required in order to correctly combine all of the powerful elements of Instant Relaxation™.

The program utilizes the best scientific research into stress relief, hypnosis, and brainwave state creation from the past 40 years. It even gets into minor details such as the tempo of the music, the particular audio effects used, and the rhythmic phrasing of the affirmations.

Instant Relaxation™ may be the best relaxation MP3 ever created, as it contains technologies never before used by other relaxation tapes. You can find out more about this breakthrough audio program, and listen to a free sample now, by clicking here.

Relaxation Tapes Graphic

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The Most Powerful Stress Relief Tool on Earth

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I have tried a lot of relaxation products and techniques. Your Instant Relaxation recording is far and away the best I have ever encountered.

After listening, I felt more relaxed then ever before. My muscles felt soothed and healed and my mind was clear and refreshed - ready to take on the rest of the day.

It was like I had just woke up from a good night sleep. The best part is, it only took 14 minutes of my time!

I would tell people, if you want to feel more rejuvenated, more alive, and less stressed, you need to get a copy of this recording right away!"

Ashley Loures
Ohio, USA

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Destin Lucas
Master NLP Practitioner
Author of: The Inner Secrets of Greatness.




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* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Instant Relaxation™ is unsuitable for people who experience epilepsy or any form of Brain seizure. If you have a history of ill-mental health, first contact a registered mental health professional before commencing use of this product. Never listen to this product whilst driving or operating heavy machinery or in situations where you need to concentrate on your external environment. To protect your ears always listen to this product at low volume levels. Always use Instant Relaxation™ responsibly. The use of this website is subject to our standard terms and conditions. Copyright © 1992 - 2006 Dawning Truth - All Rights Reserved.
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Relaxation Tapes

The Most Powerful Stress Relief
Tool on Earth

"Your Instant Relaxation recording is far and away the best I have ever encountered." Ashley Loures, Ohio, USA


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